Build Your Coaching Business YOUR WAY

Transition from your soul-sucking job to working with high-ticket coaching/healing clients confidently on your terms by tapping into your strengths, energy and passion. Work towards the freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

When I left full time employment in June 2023, I was worried that I was making the wrong decision. While I knew the direction that I wanted to go, I lacked clarity in the deep foundational work required to confidently start my business.I began working with Shruthi prior to leaving my job and I can say without a doubt that it was the best decision that I made.Shruthi is a beautiful, intuitive, and caring being and working with her has felt priceless. The transformation that I am making is so vast that I almost don't believe that it's happening at times. Shruthi has helped me to address limiting beliefs and work through mental blocks. She's helped me to see my full potential and has given me a solid foundation for building a successful business.If you're transitioning from full-time employment to starting your own business, Shruthi's coaching is invaluable ❤️

Renee De Four, Doctor turned Digital Architect & Notion Coach

Escape the 9-5 grind to transform your passion into a mission-driven coaching business

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your 9-5 job and longing to make a change? Imagine transitioning seamlessly into a coaching business that's authentic and impactful, aligned with your passion and mission. No more confining yourself to boxes or arbitrary identities - instead, build a rock-solid foundation for your business and work with clients who share your vision. By creating a business you truly love, you'll have the power to design the life you've always dreamed of.

Heal and become crystal clear of who you are

Entrepreneurship requires a complete identity shift compared to corporate. And the transition can be hard.
We'll work together on you taking ownership of the present, healing past wounds (inner child & chakra healing), and moving forward in a way that feels fuckin right to you. This'll also involve clarifying your WHY, passion, mission, and identity shifts.

Conceive your business model

We'll work on getting intense clarity on the exact kind of people you wanna work with and how you want to help them (pricing, packaging, niching down).
You don't need to stick to a mold too. Let your creativity unleash while creating the offer that inspires you!
We'll also work on creating a business model you love and are passionate about.

Attract and create aligned clients

Ultimately you wanna work with people who inspire you and are ready to pay you right then! Where there's nothing but immense respect and trust between you both.
In this section, we'll go through boundary setting, creating the best experience, & filling up your pipeline with excellent leads.
We'll develop sustainable short-term and long-term marketing strategies for you to run a business that you love

I know starting your first coaching/consulting business can be terrifying

I know starting your first coaching business can be terrifying

You've worked years in a corporate job, climbing the ranks and even earning 6-figures.Your life is perfect for the outside world - pay, leaves, have it all.But you find something missing when you look in the mirror.You want more.You want to impact the world, run a business you love, and design a life you've always dreamed of.You want the freedom to unleash your creativity, empathy and make buttloads of profit simultaneously.You have a vision for the world that you want to make come true and want to work with people you're absolutely aligned with and adore!I completely get that! And there's no time better than now to make it happen.My approach focuses on healing past wounds, helping you tap into your strengths, removing friction, and growing your business empathetically in a way that suits your ethics, values, and vision.Shifting from corporate to entrepreneurship isn't easy. It's fucking hard, to be honest. Seeking support at this time has never been more crucial.Throughout the coaching process, we will focus on helping you transition smoothly and build a solid foundation for your business.

Let's stop giving shit about traditional advice and grow Your Business Your Way.

Saying yes to Your Business Your Way coaching is all about saying yes to your dreams, vision, and passion.Are you ready?

What others say about my services

Curious to hear what working with me to build your coaching/consulting business is like? Get a sneak peak of how it feels to work with me below

Nice to meet you!👋

Hello! I'm Shruthi, a Spiritual Business Coach.After working for 4 years as a developer in an MNC, I came to a stark realization: "Man, this place wasn't for me at all!"I was overworked, burnt out, and had no fucking clue why I was still in my soul-sucking job. How did it even benefit people?? No one seemed to care about anything...even each other, and it had gotten intensely toxic (and slightly sexist).That's when I decided I needed to do something for myself and live my life my way because otherwise, I would stagnate here like all my colleagues.It was Jan 2021.
I haven't looked back since.

I got introduced to the world of side hustles, the creator economy, and making money online right then.It seemed like a beautiful world. A place where I could build my life my way and didn't have to deal with shitty office politics, sexism, or work I hated.

After many struggles (hey, mental health!), pivots, and crossing half of my monthly income...I took the plunge into coaching on Jan 20th, 2022.Today? I run a successful coaching and healing business and live my life on my terms, with freedom and the power of choice.The journey was immensely hard for me, with no one to guide me. But it needn't be for you.

Because if not now, when? If not you, who?Are you ready to choose freedom and create a passionate, impact-driven business?

A little about me👋

Run Your Business Your Way

We're all different and unique, with our own strengths, weaknesses, and lifestyles. Tap into what works for you, transition smoothly, and run a successful, purpose-driven coaching/consulting business that feels right to you, working with amazing people.


A Free Consultation

Let's get on a 1-hour explorative call to know your struggles and what's working and not working right now.With the onboarding process, this will lay a solid foundation for us to develop a plan.


Developing A Plan (Approx)

Month 1 - Identity shift and healing. Laying a solid foundation for what's to comeMonth 2 - Building a value-driven community, Client Study, Working with beta clients, and Defining your target audience.Month 3 - Packaging, pricing, and crafting a perfect offer. Crafting your ideal business model. Working on various resistances.Month 4 - Working with your dream clients and setting up a long-term, sustainable system.**Plan will always ebb and flow based on your requirements and needs.


Executing On It

You'll have at least 3 to 4 hours of work every week to push you toward your goals.Includes journaling prompts, approaching people online and getting into conversations (calls/text), pitching them, building brand assets, business tasks, etc.Rest assured. I'll be walking right along with you to help you throughout. And it will always be at a pace that you decide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your coaching cost?

Deep dive coaching:
The investment range is from $400 to $5600. There are different 1:1 packages available, including message coaching.
One-time coaching call: $250
Duration - 2 hours
This is perfect if you want to solve one specific problem in your business.
If you cannot afford the coaching:
I do take on pro-bono clients (with a slashed price) from time to time. So feel free to check with me through email at
However, if the slots are filled up, I request you to wait until you can save up

Who is this service NOT for?

🚫If you're a complete beginner and have no idea what direction you want.For example, I don't expect you to have figured out to work as a health coach who wants to help burned-out leaders wanting to lead an active lifestyle. But you should at least have decided on an approximate direction of health coaching.🚫If you're not ready to do the deep work.The coaching will include a shit ton of internal prompts to tap into yourself. You'll be facing a lot of identity shifts and ah-ha moments. Be ready:)

How much effort do I need to put in every week?

There will be exercises since you'll be doing tasks to set the foundation for your business.It'll include anything from deep journaling exercises, working on your offer, reaching out to specific people, customer interviews, building brand assets and more.Approximate time required: 3 to 4 hours/week

Do you give any guarantee of getting high-ticket clients?

Nope. I don't.
Because it completely depends on person to person. Some of you might come from a place of intense anxiety or trauma, and need to heal first before proceeding on business tasks.And that might take a couple of months. But it's so fucking necessary for long term growth.Some of you might come into the container ready to push and go. You might get results in a couple of weeks.Nothing is right or wrong. Each of you is so beautiful and unique in your own right. And it'd be stupid of me to not see all the beautiful progress and transformations you go through!But this is my promise to you: We'll definitely be putting our 100% effort towards it.

Can I continue working with you after the contract is over?

Of course! Once our contract is over, we'll revisit our options.We can either continue working with 4 calls a month, or we can reduce it to 3/2/1 depending on the requirement.Payment plans will change accordingly, too.

Will the investment be worth it?

You will always see the highest return on your investment through Coaching.There are no refunds for coaching packages, so don't take it lightly. To invest in Coaching requires a total commitment of time, money, and energy. The hope is that by putting your investment on the line, you will take yourself — and your priceless dreams — more seriously.Now, ask yourself this: How would you benefit from those changes in your life? How would your family benefit? Your clients? Listen for your answers and ask yourself if the investment will be worth it to YOU.

Are you ready to bet on yourself? Coz if not now, when? If not you, who?

Tap into your passion and design your business your way. Remove all friction, and discover the benefits of running a passionate and value-driven business. Even if we decide not to work together, you'll leave the call with super-helpful insights to take your coaching business to the next step.

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